colima communications and Landis Technologies simplify the management of reachability settings in Skype for Business

Halberstadt, Germany, October 17, 2017 – Today, colima communications GmbH and Landis Technologies LLC, two leading specialists in the development of innovative, user-friendly add-ons for Microsoft’s Unified Communications platforms, announced that they are entering into a strategic partnership. The collaboration will focus on optimizing reachability management in Skype for Business. By combining the innovative SEFAUtil Server add-on from Landis Technologies with colima communications’ extremely easy-to-use REMEO software, the two companies are delivering a highly intuitive user experience in the management of reachability settings.

SEFAUtil Server replaces Microsoft’s less ergonomic SEFAUtil tool, provided as part of Skype for Business to enable users to change key settings such as Forwarding, Teams, Delegates & Presence. Employees and executive assistants can now use the extremely user-friendly functions in REMEO to easily modify settings for colleagues or line managers through SEFAUtil Server. This saves time and brings new levels of manageability to Skype for Business reachability settings.

REMEO thus closes a functionality gap in Skype for Business, by now enabling employees to change reachability settings on behalf of other colleagues at user level.

“Our companies have maintained close ties for many years now. We share the same corporate values and also have a similar approach to business. In addition to this, our products are a perfect match. So it was only ever a matter of time before we established a closer alliance,” explains Matthias Engelmann, CEO of colima communications. “As one of the best-known Microsoft Gold Partners, Landis Technologies has been empowering the Skype for Business community for years with its in-depth knowledge and expertise. This know-how sharing has always impressed us and we look forward to collaborating with our American colleagues in Pennsylvania,” adds Engelmann.

The REMEO application unveiled today by colima communications features an intuitive interface. It allows users to efficiently manage important reachability parameters for other colleagues – and themselves – in the company. The settings can be made at different user levels from administrator down to user, team member or delegate. Administrators can easily give users the right to change reachability settings via group assignments in the Active Directory.

Companies that already use SEFAUtil Server can quickly and conveniently benefit from the enhanced functionality. REMEO can be installed on user PCs in around one minute and does not require any changes on the server, or maintenance windows. Users can get started as soon as they have been assigned access rights.

“We were fascinated by the usability and convenience of REMEO and instantly realized that this software from colima communications was the perfect fit for SEFAUtil Server. Together, these two products provide real added value. Our partnership is a win-win for everyone and benefits our customers in particular,” confirms Matt Landis, Managing Owner of Landis Technologies.

Landis Technologies and colima will host a joint webinar on November 30, 2017 at 10AM EST and you can register here:

Further information on REMEO and SEFAUtil Server is available on the REMEO website at and at

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